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What is Dancesport?

Dancesport is the competitive side of Ballroom and Latin American dancing and is recognised by the IOC as a proper sport.


What is Ballroom Dancing?

Ballroom dancing is split into Standard and Latin American sections. They includes dances such as Jive, Samba, Cha Cha, Waltz, Quickstep, etc...


Is it a sport or is it an art?

It is both! It is competitive, physical like most sports and requires speed and strength not dissimilar to any ball games. It also encompasses the performing aspects similar to stage performance and requires timing to music (And yes, you can dance to a lot of pop chart music!).


Isn’t it just for old people?

No, no, no... Although ballroom dancing has always been linked with really old people, all over the world, many young people such as yourselves do dance.


Isn’t it lame and mainly for girls?

Definitely not! Ballroom dancing is partnerships of boy and girl or two girls. Boys have to be the leaders in this, not minor players or substitutes in team sports.


Why should you dance?

Why be a sheep and follow the others? This may be something you are good at. Find out yourselves, why let your mates tell you what to do.


What can I do with it?

You can treat it as a hobby, sport or even a career. You can get fit and meet new friends. You can improve your movements in other sports. You can take Medal Tests from introductory to advance grades. You can dance in Competitions.


Why do you need to know how to dance?

Parties, Graduation Balls, Christmas, Weddings.... They all seem to be a long way off, but don’t end up being the one with two left feet and stuck in a corner all night long! SO, LEARN TO DANCE!!


So don't wait! Get involved! Come with friends, more people, more fun!




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