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The Wedding Dance!!!

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You spent time on preparing your vows & speeches; you have your dress and suit fittings and wedding rehearsals. One thing that most couples forgot to do is to learn to dance.


The three main things that have the potential of embarrassing the bride & groom on the day are vows, speeches & wedding dance. Most couples always take care of the first two items, but when it comes to wedding dance, it always resulted in looking embarrassingly at each other, swaying out of time with the music, with all the guests watching uncomfortably around the floor, wishing you haven’t picked a song that last for more than 4 minutes!


Wedding dance is important! Have some lessons or better still, have the dance specially arranged to the music that is dear to you. Don’t leave it till the last minute, we are busy as well!



From a simple Waltz to Norah Jones to a spectacular show number to a live band, we can help you to make your reception a ball and impress your guests!


Four left feet! No problem,just make sure you give us plenty of time to work with you. And remember if you are not very agile and musical, we need more time to work with you, we can’t make you dance like Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey with a few lessons! We are good, but we are no miracle workers!


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