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The Story So Far...

Dance with Music has grown at an exponential rate since the beginning, from it's initial sole location, to the many locations that are available now. During the journey, many venues were tried out and superseded with better and bigger ones that aims to improve the dancing experience for everyone an long may this continues.


It's structure has also continually evolve to satisfy the ever growing demands of this new dance community:

From the initial absolute beginners classes to the multi-level classes that suits different people's needs;

From adults of all ages, single or couples, to children as young as 4 years old;

From classes to private lessons for social dancers to wedding couples to medallists to competitive dancers;

From social practices to practices for all level of dancing;

Form social evenings to Summer and Christmas Balls to various trips to dance events;

From medal test to medallist competitions and inter-school competitions to open championships;


The story to be continue...

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