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Medal Test

Whether you are an adult or a child, taking medal test is an essential guide on how you are progressing with your dancing. You could be dancing for years and not knowing whether you are right or wrong!


You take tests throughout your life, so why not have a go in dancing as well. It tends to focus your mind and takes you through a more structured learning process so you can iron out all your bad habits. At the end of it, when you've passed, apart from the medal and the certificate, most importantly, you got some feedback and comments from an outside examiner which is invaluable to your dancing.

Tests normally taken with your teacher as your partner, unless you specifically want to dance with your partner. After you have taken a Medal Test, you can then consider taking part in Medallist competitions where you can dance with your teacher in your own age and grade category.


All Medal Tests are taken with


(Dance, Drama and Exercise)

(Founded 1902)

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